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How to make foraged wild vermouth

Relaxing under dappled sunlight at the end of the day with a cocktail made from ingredients you’ve harvested has to be top of the list when it comes to edible adventures. And if you’re happy to invest some time in learning the craft of boozy botany, making vermouth is a joyful place to start. What […]

5 simple steps to make your own cyanotype

What is cyanotype? Cyanotype involves combining and coating two chemicals onto a surface (usually paper) to create a photosensitive layer in a pale green colour, which is almost transparent. Once exposed to sunlight then rinsed under water, the chemical reaction turns the mixture into Prussian blue, giving its name to the blueprint process. If the […]

5 of the best parks and gardens to see outdoor art in the UK

The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden Where: Ockley, Surrey With around 200 exhibits, largely by British artists, this space is renowned for its delicate glassworks set in the wild, such as the exquisite work by Neil Wilkin, Dew Drops, and the brightly hued handblown ‘fungi’ made by Helen Twigge-Molecey. The garden also attracts international artists, such […]

Pick a local ingredient to base your menu on for your next dinner party

There is a regionality to food, from sauces to drinks, cheese and beyond. Finding local flavours and using them in your cooking forges a sense of place, expressing a love for the area that you live in and connecting you to the makers, farmers and artisans in your community. Buying your eggs from the farm […]

How guerrilla gardeners are cultivating community

With limited access to publicly owned outdoor spaces in towns and cities, recent decades have seen a rise in people taking it upon themselves to repurpose neglected strips of land to grow food or flowers. Known as guerrilla gardening, this grassroots movement has been quietly transforming unused spaces into vibrant community assets. Why the term […]

Find a hobby that you can share with others

It’s wonderful to spend time with those who have similar interests. Friendships based on mutual passions enable us to indulge in the things we enjoy doing, while sharing the experience. If you like cold-water swimming, rambling or even whittling, there will almost certainly be people out there who are willing to connect. We can learn […]

Looking for the perfect dinner party canapé? Cheese, please!

Burrata These indulgent cream-filled balls of mozzarella can be placed in the centre of a light salad alongside some toasted focaccia to make an easy, luxurious sharing starter. Burrata, cherry and radish salad Arrange sliced radishes and fennel on a platter, add chopped celery and yellow pepper and top with cherry halves. Place the burrata […]

5 wild glamping getaways

THE GLAMPING ORCHARD Longney, Gloucester Put a new spin on your family glamping holiday with a stay in this converted 1950s Warwick Knight caravan, complete with stunning rooftop garden. With room for four, you can spend your days exploring the nearby orchards or just sit back and relax, taking in the peaceful surroundings. In the […]

How to make natural easter egg dyes

Prepare the ingredients When it comes to making natural dyes, half the fun is experimenting to see what colours you can create. Powders will produce more vibrant tints, so drying fruits and vegetables before grinding them in a food processor will add intensity if you have the time. Otherwise chopping or pureeing food before using […]

Edible plants to forage in spring

With the end of winter in sight, small signs of spring and new life are emerging. Wintry hedgerows are bespeckled with green and some of our favourite wild edibles are beginning to reappear. While foraging is possible year-round in the UK, early spring brings some of the most popular finds. Nettles, wild garlic and dandelions […]